B365:155 KnittingI have a secret.  I’ve been blogging about science and grad school at Freethinker’s Asylum since 2005. But, like Dr. Alice, I am also a knitter (though not quite as creative; I haven’t added geek phrases in Braille to my sock patterns – yet). I was a knitter who blogged, even. And several of my projects have involved variations on the Fibonacci sequence. And while my hobby – that thing that kept me sane during grad school and made me feel like I was actually accomplishing something during those long hours of amplifying PCRs or electrophoresing gels or number crunching – has dropped off precipitously since the GREAT LIFE CHANGE OF ’09, I miss it.

Inspired by a series of little coincidences, including the Knitting Science post at 2020 Science, the discovery of Dr. Alice’s other blog and the fabulous knitted history of genetics she and her class created, and the fact that a resident and a staff member in my department were knitting at a research meeting yesterday (I am so bringing my knitting next time), I have decided to combine my science and knitting blogging efforts here at Ge·knit·ics. Apologies to Ms. Heffernan for being one of those scientists who blogs about things other than science, but as I said at Freethinker’s years ago:

This isn’t strictly an anthropology blog, because my interests are not that narrow. I would hazard a guess that most “science blogs” aren’t strictly focused on science, but more on the intersection of science and society.

Part of my society is knitting. And I know there are more scientist-knitters out there.  So here I am, waving my (knitted) geek flag. Or sock, in this case. The sock that I designed and knit myself while in grad school.

Note: Expect things to be a little wonky around here for a little bit.  I’m migrating data from two blogs, so it might take a bit to get everything to play nice.

Image Credit: Creative Commons Licensed image courtesy of Sewpixie via Flickr.

Header image courtesy of my amazing and artistically-inclined eldest daughter, who is also a knitter.

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