FO Friday: Love, Me. Socks

After the mad dash of Christmas gift knitting, I was looking forward to selfish knitting month (what the Muggles call January). Once we had made the cross-country trek and mostly unpacked, I broke out the Crazy Zauberball I bought at the conference in Minneapolis last year.

Crazy Zauberball - Indian Pink

With the recent upheaval, I was in the mood for a vanilla sock, so I cast on 64 stitches, knit an inch of ribbing, and settled in to a stockinette sock. Using my favorite heel from the Harris Tweed socks, and my favorite toe (no Kitchener!) from the Hedgerow socks,  I knit on these over several weeks at various seminars and meetings.


The Zauberball yarn consists of two gradient-dyed strands plied together, and the color changes keep the plain knitting interesting. When they are in my shoes, they almost match, but I know there are a pair of wildly non-matching socks on my feet.

Love, Me

Just the little pick-me up this knitter needed.

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