WIPW: Oak Ribbed Socks

Spring is springing here in North Carolina. I took a walk through the arboretum on campus earlier this week, and the trees are blooming. I saw a few potential knitting spots which I’ll have to investigate later.

I’ve started a pair of Oak Ribbed Socks, from Knitting Vintage Socks by Nancy Bush, something that has been marinating in my knitting library for a couple of years. Speaking of libraries, for you knitters who may not have checked out Ravelry’s new library features, do yourself a favor and have a look.  You can create custom shelves (sets), and have lists showing patterns from your queue, and patterns you have used for projects. Pretty awesome.

The original oak ribbed pattern was written for women, and I’m making these for my hubby, so I added a couple of repeats and adjusted the count for the heel flap. It’s a simple pattern that is great for knitting during seminars.

Happy (almost) Spring!


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